'Safe and secure'

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'Safe and secure'

Post by Mr007 on Tue Nov 15, 2011 1:17 am

But it is thought there is a "gap" of around 5,000 staff in the plan for security of all the Olympic venues.

They would be carrying out bag and vehicle searches and perimeter security.

It is understood the Army has offered to fill the gap but the sticking point is who pays for it and there are understood to be ongoing talks between Locog, the military and the Metropolitan Police.

A Home Office spokesman said: "Security planning is on track and funding has been protected. The government is committed to delivering a safe and secure Games that London, the UK and the world can enjoy.

"The International Olympic Committee (IOC) undertake detailed inspections of security preparations and have full confidence in our plans. The UK has a strong and close working relationship with the US, who have expressed similar confidence."

The US Embassy has declined to comment.

The BBC's security correspondent Gordon Corera said: "The US is understood to be taking a close interest in the plans and is intending to send over hundreds of personnel to protect its athletes."

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