Nha Trang city boasts flying boats

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Nha Trang city boasts flying boats

Post by pikachu on Fri Nov 18, 2011 9:37 am

Visitors to the Nha Trang Sea Festival 2009 will be able to see the panorama of tourist destinations in Khanh Hoa province on flying inflatable boats, the newest kind of entertainment and air travel service in the country.

NhaTrang city boasts
The flying boats are designed in a sportive style and can carry over 400 kilograms each at an average speed of 70 kilometers per hour. Each boat will take off with a passenger and a pilot.
Mai Linh Corporation in the southern central and Highlands of Vietnam, investor of the flying boat team, has employed Italian and French pilots for the service. Travelers can also pilot the boats due to safe engines and easy-to-use steering systems after a training course of 21 flying hours. They will be equipped with helmets and wireless headphones to receive directions from ground control.
“We are running the pilot project with 10 flying inflatable boats between June 6 and 12 and will launch the air travel service soon,” said Ho Minh Chau, general director of the company. The boats can also serve agriculture and taxi services.


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