thailand travel, thailand tours, thailand hotels

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thailand travel, thailand tours, thailand hotels

Post by tathanhthientu on Fri Mar 11, 2011 7:28 pm

What to Do in Thailand

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There’s plenty to see in Thailand… and there’s also masses to do. What’s great about Thailand is the variety of what’s on offer and the fact that whatever you try it’s not going to break the bank.Take a visit to Thailand’s islands and beaches, for instance.

You can get straight into diving and snorkeling, whatever level of experience you have. Of course, in most places these activities are on offer there are a number of related water sports available. Thailand does though attract the adventurous, and as well as water sports there are a number of activities that are ‘xtreme’ in nature as well as bungee jumping and paintball. There are though numerous activities that you can get involved in that are more sedate… if a quick round of golf is more your scene, Thailand has numerous courses, many designed by top-level international golfers. Thailand is also a great place for hiking. Whether you are a serious hiker, or just out for a stroll, there are numerous trekking options open to visitors, particularly in northern Thailand. These days, however, many visitors want to leave Thailand with more than a suntan.

Over the last 10 years the kingdom of Thailand has become a haven for people interested in alternative approaches to health and well-being. Thailand’s Spas incorporate its ancient tradition of natural healing and medicine to provide unsurpassable service and an unforgettable Spa experience. You can also take meditation courses in Thailand and train your mind and body to be restful and peaceful. However, if you also want some changes that are only surface deep, you can go home with a new look to complement your new attitude. Thailand has become a hub for ‘Medical Tourism’ – travel that incorporates medical surgery and other treatments with restful stays on beaches or Thailand’s exquisite countryside. Cosmetic surgery, laser sight correction and cosmetic dentistry are all on offer, utilizing the experience of internationally trained experts who carry out procedures utilizing the wonderful facilities of international-standard hospitals.

Of course, one activity Thailand is ultimately famous for is shopping – a couple of weeks in Thailand makes a shopper from even the staunchest macho man! The price of goods is obviously one draw, but it’s also the quality of what’s on offer that seals the deal. Local goods are excellent, and Thailand’s markets and shopping areas are full of novelties and items to give the folks back home.

If you have kids in tow there are plenty of theme parks, shows and zoos to see, alongside some genuinely great parks to visit. Whatever the time of year there are festivals to attend which kids generally enjoy participating in. Some of Thailand’s festivals (e.g. Songkran – the annual water throwing festival) have become attractions in their own right with people planning their arrival to coincide with a particular festival.

Whatever sort of activities you enjoy, as you can see, there’s plenty to do Thailand. Make the most of this fact – be active and engage as much as you can. Do this and you will have one your best travel experiences ever!


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Re: thailand travel, thailand tours, thailand hotels

Post by pikachu on Sun Oct 30, 2011 2:05 pm

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